We suck! Now is the time, what with the destruction from Katrina, that we need to fuel our economy! So I say fill up your gas tanks with premium gas! Then use that premium gas to drive to the biggest liquor store in your town! Then you buy the best booze money can buy! Help our economy and get shitfaced!

Hear hear!

Boozey McBoozehound

I got blasted last night by myself. And then went to a party somewhere else in our little Los Angeles commune. And guess what. I just bought some Cuervo, Absolut and a twelve pack of Heineken because we might be having people over tonight. If not, I'm still drinking.
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So for the past month, I've been going out with my boss and our friends and getting drunk on a regular basis - 4 to 5 nights a week. In that time, I think I have put on some five-odd pounds. I do not drink beer when we go out - we're mixed drink people - which means my weight-gain can be attributed to one thing and one thing only: drunk-munchies. Every time David (the boss) and I get drunk, we eat gross greasy food afterward. Sometimes it's 2 or 3 tacos de pollo with cheese fries on the side from the Taco/Burrito Palace (whole-in-the-wall Mexican food... mmmm...) or it's a medium 2 cheeseburger meal with a side of 3-piece chicken selects and an apple pie from McDonald's. That is so much food! Why do I always get drunk-munchies?!

First drunk story for you

Sorry I couldn't completely post last night...it wouldn't have made any sense so I just decided to type it all up today.

So last night, we didn't have anything to do so we just drove around town, looking for hot guys and listening to music. The two of us that weren't driving were drinking and were looking for guys to talk to (i.e. harass). After several interesting guys tried to talk to us on the strip, we drove downtown and thought we saw some hot guys. We waved and as I was trying to look out the window at them, we passed them and got right next to another car with guys that we thought were hot. They yelled for us to follow them so, after a group consensus, we followed them to a liquor store and then waited for them at R.E.I. Turns out, the original car with guys that we thought were hot were with the second car of guys. So we're all excited thinking that there were four hot guys we were gonna get to party with. The original car pulls up behind us and we decide to get out and go talk to them. OK, now there were several mistakes made during this twenty minute period: Mistake 1- Being drunk and judging guys. Mistake 2- Being drunk and judging guys in cars driving next to us at 75mph. Mistake 3- Being drunk and judging guys in cars driving next to us at 75mph and making the decision to follow them. These guys were not just ugly, they were FUGLY. And they were not, repeat NOT, good at conversation. They looked like scared little redneck boys. Boo cakes major. The second car pulls up and they are slightly less disappointing but disappointing nonetheless. We lied, ditched them, then drove around more. Got annoyed with retarded guys and ugly girls then decided to go home. Upon coming home, my dogs became cracked out and were jumping all over the place and pawing at me and freaking out. I let them out to go to the bathroom and make sure they have food but they continue to be retarded. After a few drunk calls, I passed out in my underwear on my bed.

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Sober ever?

Hell yes! I realize that this only has two other members but I don't care. I've had some of the best times ever drinking with two other people besides myself. Stoked to meet fellow drinkers.
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beast within

Actual Posting!

Oh my shit. I'm, how you say, drunk.

After five beers, sitting my apartment alone, all I can say is I want to console Alexandre Despatie. Aaron must be included. Just no telling who gets him first.

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(no subject)

As a first post, I, Chris, shall recount as much of last night as I can remember. I convinced Elissa alcky to get a journal and then we decided it was a grand plan to create a community for boozehounds. It's more of a dual biography of scandalous behaviors.

That's not to say no one else can post, but we will be flooding this community with our daily thoughts and ideals, quite possibly about drinking. We may post informative articles about alcoholism and/or the beauty of booze. All questions should be directed toward us, the co-moderators.

Anyway, about last night. Elissa's quasi-passed out in a bowl chair next to me and I'm using her computer.

A quick re-cap (in list form):
one six pack Magic Hat #9
few sips here and there of random mixed drinks

two Myer's Rum and Crystal Lite lemonade drinks
five Newcastles
one-half crushed and freebased Percoset (kudos to Mickey for the tutorial)

Also in the mix

-awkward conversations with Legal Seafood staff, though I haven't been to Legal Seafood in over two years (who were those people?).
-one drunk dial to set wedding date with barely legal teen.
-first real conversation with I guy I've 'known' for almost a year.
-several people bolstering Los Angeles' ego.
-50 chicken wings, a tub o' Blue Cheese and two large cheesesteaks (between three of us).
-lots of "Now That's What I Could Volume Whatever" sessions (groan from me).
-my opening with post-rock.
-Hope For A Golden Summer.
-lots of belching.
-the fucking blazing sun in my eyeball as I tried to sleep on my AWOL friend's bed.
-community creation for other reason than to quell the hangover.
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