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Knights of the Drunk Table

A Tale of Inebriation

Boozed For the Better And Better For the Boozed
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We Love The Bottle

This community is dedicated to drinking and all the consequences following. It is a nondiscriminatory forum for all who love The Drink.

1. Post when drunk
2. Post about drinking
3. Post while drinking
4. No flaming
5. Sobreity is for suckers

co-moderated by simulatedother and alcky.
'abklopopulty nevermind', 'another round!', 'bring me food now', 'no you are!', 'top you off?', 'we're america's future', 151, 24-hour diners, 50 chicken wings, 7 & 7, apple pucker, bacchanlia, bad blind dates, bartending, bedroom strangers, beer breath, beer goggles, beer in the morning, belching, blacking out, bourbon, broken furniture, bukowski's tavern, cannibalistic conversations with strangers, carpet stains, champagne, cheesesteak on the carpet, cigarettes as a meal, cirrosis, dance parties, dark glasses, donkey and shrek, drinking, drinking alone, drinking games, driving to mcdonald's, dropkicking children, drunk tricks, drunk-dialing, drunken kareoki, drunken piano player, duct tape, dyeing hair orange, emphatic meaningless arguments, empty stomachs, falling asleep at 10pm, filled ashtrays, forgetting important events, franco falling into lamps, freebase fridays, from justin to kelly, functional alcoholism, george the doorman, gin, ginger ale, grandpa's sauce, gutter passing out, hair of the dog, hangovers, highballs, hitting on ugly people, hitting on wait staff, hobbit erotic dreams, hot scottish accents, hugging toilets, illegal debauchery, increased american dialects, ingesting foreign objects, inviting the concierge, irish carbombs, irrationally emotional drunks, irritated designated drivers, kicking out ex-boyfriends, kozmo's deli, legal debauchery, liquid breakfast, liquid dinner, liquid lunch, losing friends, loss of motor skills, loving those we hate, making new friends, making out with strangers, making yourself throw up, margarita mondays, martinis, mexican food, misassembled leaky blenders, morning re-cap, mysterious bruises, no inhibitions, not cleaning up, not remembering viewed movies, party fouls, passive aggressive roommate encounters, pissing people off, playing dogs' noses, presidential sexual fantasies, public restroom floor tiles, putting up with sonya, regrettable conversations, rum, saltines, scrupulous nudity, shower floor sitting, sinful sundays, sloppy saturdays, sock dance! sock dance!, sonya the sucubus, southern comfort, stealing private property, steins, stripping, stumbling down the street, stupid small yip dogs, table dancing, talking to cardboard cutouts, tanqueray tuesdays, telling people they're insecure, tequila, tequila thursdays, the morning after, the morning after pill, the power of booze, things we don't need, thorton's, three-stooge's drunks, tom collins' glasses, traffic cones, traffic signs, trundle beds, tub o' blue cheese, unbridled unadulterated unmitigated cynicism, unexpected bodily functions, uno inspired drinking games, unpaid bar tabs, vile concoctions in pots, vodka, vomitting on public transportation, waking up drunk, whiskey, wine bottle for one, wine wednesdays